Conquer The Coast

One More Loop, Last One Standing

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Nobody likes rules but we have to have some, here are the basic rules for this event.


  • You must be at the start on time to start the event, if you are late you are DNS.


  • There is a start area that will be marked and you must be standing inside it when the lap starts, if you are not you will be DNF. There will be a whistle blown at 3,2 and 1 minute before the start so no excuses for not being there on time.


  • You must complete each loop before the clock reaches the next hour, for example 9:59:59 is ok 10:00:00 is DNF


  • You must start each loop on time and be gone from the start area within 1 minute or you are DNF


  • You can not visit your tent or be assisted in anyway after you start a loop or you will be DQ'd


  • To be the Winner you must start and finish a solo loop that no-one else does. If someone refuses to start a final loop you must do one clear solo loop to win. If 2 of you are out on a loop and one is timed out then you win without doing an extra one.


  • Only loops completed within the time limit count for distance or time. 


  • The decision of the Race Director is Final.


  • Getting stuff from your tent, having a wee or eating are all out of your time and the event continues no matter what. If you are not at the start on time you are out.


Simple Rules Simple Race




The route is 4.17 miles on rolling forest and heathland trail, it will be signed with arrows and barrier tape. 


The ground is soft grass and trail underfoot with the potential for a little mud if its wet.


Below is a video of me run/walking the course Its a stunning place and you will be met with some stunning views.


As a bit of fun we have broken down the lap into sections and named them, it's just a bit of fun but they are all segments on strava now as well. 


Below is the info on the full loop and segments including elevation and surface notes, the lap is just over 4 miles with the extra distance made up by the funnel in the field.